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Stop Working |  Fast Recovery Diode

MDD fast recovery diode circuit suddenly stops working, then, what are the causes of fast recovery diode damage?

1) The use voltage is too high, exceeding the reverse breakdown voltage of the fast recovery diode, and is broken down.

2) The current is too large, the current through the fast recovery diode exceeds its rated current for a long time, overheating and burning, which is a more common reason.

3) Using low-frequency diodes used in high-frequency circuits, causing the diode to overheat and burn.

4) Fast recovery diode specifications and models do not match. When replacing the new diode, the wrong pipe that does not meet the requirements of the working parameters is replaced or the wiring is wrong, resulting in the breakdown and damage of the diode tube.

5) Circuit board short circuit, steam clean the circuit board, not dried, caused by water caused by circuit short circuit fault. After cleaning with steam, blow again with compressed air and test again should avoid such damage.