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NextGen Components, which Founded in 2017 in Irvine, USA is a global authorized distributor of MDD Diodes. MDDDiodes.com was created to provide a quick and convenient shopping experience for all customers. The site features real time inventory of over 3 .0 billion pcs in-stock parts at both USA and China warehouse while providing exceptional service.
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3.0 billion Parts In-stock

Production Line

MDD (Microdiode Electronics) is a professional semiconductor enterprise that specializes in R & D and the production of diodes and bridge rectifiers.

MDD covers a construction area of 20000㎡and employs a total of 300 workers with the full set of international advanced equipment. MDD passed the ISO9001 and ISO14001 certificates of approval.

The factory engages in diode wafer chip R & D and production, mainly applies to rectifier diode diffusion sheet, ordinary and fast recovery, transient suppression GPP chips, and other products; We provide the full range of rectifier diodes. 

Main Products and Application

Products include General Purpose Rectifier, Fast Recovery, High Efficiency, Ultra Fast, Schottky, Bridge Rectifier and Bidirectional Trigger, High Voltage, Transient Voltage Suppressor, Switching Diode, Zener Diodes, and other series of diode/bridge rectifiers.

Package Case includes SMA、SMB、SMC、SMAF、SMBF、SOT-23、 SOD-523、SOD-323 、SOD-123、SOD- 123FL、DO-213AB、TO-252、TO-263、 TO-277、DFN1006、DFN2510、DFN0603、 SOT-26、SOT-143、SOT-363、SOD-72, SOT-23、SOT-89, ABS、UMB、MBS、MBF、TBS、DBS、 UMSB、TTF,R-1、R-6、A-405、DO-41、DO-15、 DO-201AD, DB、WOM、KBP、GBU、KBU、GBJ、KBJ、 KBL、D3K、KBPC6、KBPC-W、KBPC-25, GBPC, TO-220AB、ITO-220AB、TO-251、 etc

Products Performance
Schottky -High Power/SMD
1. General Schottky Diode: 1A-40A; 20V-200V
2. Plannar Schottky Diode: 1A-40A;40V-200V
3. Low power dissipation trench Schottky Diode: 2A-40A;40V-200V (@125℃ VF is 15% lower; IR is 10% lower than ordinary products).

STD/FRD/TVS/ESD – Axial/SMD – High Power Devices
1. 0.7A-30A; 100V-2000V
2. TVS: 200W, 400W, 600W, 1500W , 3000W , 5000W
3. Trr: 25ns-50ns / 150-500ns (FRD), <3000ns (STD)
4. High Voltage Diode: 2kV~15kV
5. ESD Working Voltages: 3.0V~36V; Can provide single-channel, dual-channel, and other multi-channel protection, the minimum capacitance is up to 0.2pF; The minimum reverse leakage current is 1nA.

Bridge -DIP/SIP/SMD Bridges
1. 0.7A-30A; 50V-1200V;
2. Low energy bridge rectifier: @25℃ Under low current VF value is 7% lower than general rectifier bridge. @125℃ Under low current VF value is 8% lower than the general rectifier bridge. There was no significant difference between IR values.

Main Application

  • Welding machine, Inverter, Industrial power supply, Security power supply, Medical power supply
  • Network communication equipment, Consumer electronics, Security equipment, IOT.
  • Adapter, TV, Automotive electronics, Monitor, PD charger

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