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[New Package Listing] DO-218

DO-218 Package

MDD new TVS diode DO-218 package

The TVS diode DO-218 package is characterized by superior surge resistance, reliability, and the ability to meet the needs of a wider market.

TVS Diode DO-218 package offers higher reliability:

1, Chip using chemical process: the world’s leading chemical method for wafer, no mechanical cutting stress;

  1. Round chip design: the chip has no sharp corner and will not produce tip discharge, which improves product reliability;
  2. Perfect supply chain system: perfect material rack, jumper and chip supply chain system;

Four, superior anti-surge ability: the chip area is larger than peers, with stronger surge absorption capacity.

Diode DO-218 package is mainly used in automotive circuits, and the main application scenarios are as follows: Audio and video system, speed measurement system,
electric seat system, navigation system, indoor light system, instrument panel system, head display, lighting system, door and window system, ECU and BCM, BMS and ABS,
airbag, etc., can be used in different parts of the car body according to the vehicle application and the requirements of the factory in 1~5.