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Fast Recovery Bridge Series


MDD launches new gallium nitride PD Quick charge dedicated soft recovery bridge

With the popularization of USB PD fast charging technology and the explosion of the gallium nitride fast charging market, the demand for products with high density, high efficiency, and small volume in the consumer power market is increasing day by day. In the development of high-density fast charging sources, in addition to reducing the volume of transformers
by using the high-frequency characteristics of gallium nitride devices, passive components such as filter capacitor, X capacitor, common mode inductor, and differential mode inductor will also directly affect the final size of products. Because the high-frequency
characteristics of gallium nitride fast charge often cause EMI problems, this leads to the use of more or larger EMI suppression devices.

In order to solve this problem in the development process of a high-density quick charging source, MDD launched a series of
soft recovery bridge products to help quick charging source engineers achieve higher power density and better EMI characteristics.

There are 12 MDD patch-type soft recovery Bridges. The occurrence of harmonic oscillation can be greatly reduced in fast charging source products. In the development of fast charging appliances, The soft recovery bridge can effectively reduce the use of X capacitor, common mode inductor, differential mode inductor, and other EMI suppression devices or reduce the use of specifications, so as to achieve a more concise, higher density fast charging source scheme. It is especially suitable for the design and development of miniaturized and high-power density gallium nitride fast charging products.

MDD patch type fast recovery bridge has 12 applications with power between 10W and 75W, covering a variety of popular power; For example, to develop the most popular 65W gallium nitride fast charge, we only need to select an MDD patch-type soft recovery bridge.

According to the measurement of the charging head network, this charger has 5V3A, 9V3A, 12V3A, 15V3A, 20V3.25A, and 3.3-20V/3A PPS voltage range; Maximum output 65W; Support QC and PD quick charge, which can meet the demand of most mobile phones, laptops and mobile power supply in the market.