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MDD | ESD Diodes into 5G Era


Electrostatic Discharge Protection Devices (ESD diode), also known as transient voltage suppression diode Array (TVS Array). ESD is a multi-channel or single-channel ESD protection device with specific functions designed by multiple TVs grains or diodes with different layouts. ESD is mainly applied to various communication interfaces for electrostatic protection, such as USB, HDMI, RS485, RS232, VGA, RJ11, RJ45, BNC, SIM, SD, etc.

ESD diode characteristics
ESD protection devices of our company are mainly composed of TVS ARRAY and packaged in different packages. Its features:
1)IEC61000-4-2 ESD Contact±8KV, Air ±15KV standard;
2)Comply with IEC61000-4-4 FET 40A, 5/50NS standard;
3)Comply with IEC61000-4-5 Lightning 24A, 8/20US standard;
4)Multiple working voltage sections for selection: 2.5V-36V;
5)Can provide single, double, four, five and six road protection products;
6)Ultra-low capacitance, up to 0.2pF;
7)Ultra low reverse leakage current, minimum reverse leakage current 1nA;
8)Ultra low clamp voltage
9)The whole line adopts micropatch package shape, the smallest shape is DFN0603 (;
10)Meet RoHS, halogen-free, Reach standards.

ESD Diode products are mainly divided into three categories

1. Standard capacitor products 2. Low capacitance products 3. Ultra-low capacitance products

Typical ESD applications

ESD is widely used in communication, security, industry, automobile, consumer products,
smart wearable devices and other electronic products, communication lines and I/O ports
and other electrostatic protection.