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[New Package Listing] TO – 252

TO – 252 Package

MDD diode TO-252 package, TO solve more circuit problems, TO 252 package specific features?

Diode TO-252 package features:

  1. Patch design (occupies less space, saves plug-in cost, and improves production efficiency)
  2. Higher reliability (all copper frame structure, better electrical and thermal conductivity)
  3. Lower thermal resistance (larger copper surface/pad, faster heat dissipation)
  4. Diversified product types (can be customized according to customer requirements)

To-252 packaging products application:

  1. Used in switching power supply, frequency converter, driver, and other power supply circuits, instead of the traditional DO 201 plug-in series;
  2. Used for high frequency, low voltage, rectifier diode, continuous diode, and protection diode.