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How to select MDD Rectifier Diodes

How to select MDD rectifier diode in circuit? The following four points should be noted:

1) For the series type power circuit rectifier diode, the maximum rectification of the rectifier diode should be selected, and the current and reverse working voltage are suitable for the condition diode.

2) The rectifier diode for the switching voltage regulator circuit should choose to use a high working frequency, and the reverse recovery is short and fast recovery rectifier diode. General rectifier diodes cannot be used. You can choose to use fr series, pfr series, mur series fast recovery diodes.

3) The low voltage rectifier circuit should choose to use a positive voltage drop small rectifier diode.

4) For 5a commutation circuit can choose to use a general rectifier diode. For example, the application of half bridge, full bridge rectifier circuit, radio and record power supply circuit pairs and ordinary low voltage rectifier circuit, etc., can choose to use 1n4000, 1n5200 series of silicon plastic sealed rectifier diodes. The 2cz series of rectifier diodes are also available.